Ok, we’ll admit it – The@trical has never been a company to shy away from the spotlight. In fact, we rather like talking about what we do and why we do it. That’s because we’re passionate about involving young people with learning difficulties in drama – and we know that once you know more, you will too.

All young people (and most adults!) love to be enthralled and entertained. But when you have special needs or learning difficulties, these needs become even more pressing. Many traditional SEN activities and games are designed to stimulate young adults in this way, but at The@trical we take things one step further. Our aim is to ignite the imagination of each and everyone of our students, carefully creating programmes that increase their self-confidence and awareness. And the results speak for themselves – apart from improving drama and musical abilities, students leave our workshops with stronger personal skills and employability prospects.

So maybe you are a teacher looking for an innovative new way to stimulate your students. Or maybe you are a parent who is interested in enrolling their child in a lively after-school activity or holiday workshop. Either way, The@trical is here to help. 

Please note that all staff at The@trical carry enhanced DBS record checks.


What we offer

For schools and projects

  • Teaching by professional actors and musical theatre performers with SEN experience, from anything between 1 hour to 5 full days a week

  • Devised original performances for friends and family

  • Props, costumes and set materials

  • Student qualifications in Theatre Skills, Employability and Personal Progress

  • Dance and yoga classes

  • Offsite excursions

  • Lesson plans and review write-ups

For parents

  • After school & Saturday clubs

  • Holiday workshops (camera workshops, costume workshops, programme workshops)

  • Drama parties in your home